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Adam & Eve Stores: OK - Norman is rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 19 reviews from around the Web.
Staff are ALWAYS helpful and most important, non-judgemental. Pleasant place to shop.
The staff are always very friendly and very knowledge without being pushy. Huge selection and I love that they have a rewards system.
The staff was so absolutely sweet and caring as to make sure I bought the right type of lubricant with the other product I was buying and told me all...
This place is great. The staff is awesome, thanks Jake!
Great sex shop in Norman OK. The girls that were working there wouldn't stop talking to my girlfriend and I. Give me just a hair of privacy please!
A wonderful store, wonderful store owners.
If you're afraid to go or new to going to adult stores, this is the store for you. The store is very clean, and the staff are nice, non-judgmental, and...
The employees here are very helpful and I never feel like assumptions are being made about me. The atmosphere is relaxed and I enjoy the variety of choices...
Super friendly, talkative, and helpful. I will shop here again in the future.
Best adult store in the OKC area, no contest.Went in for the first time today to buy myself a birthday present 🙂 and the staff was knowledgeable, helpful,...
First time going into a store like this so I was nervous, but the staff made me feel right at home. Very friendly, willing, and helpful to talk about...
Friendly and knowledgeable staff, super clean store, and a great sex-positive atmosphere. We need more places like this in Oklahoma! Will definitely be back....
Very knowledgable staff who clearly love what they do. If they don't know the answer to your question, they'll look it up, and they gift wrap too! I've...
Very upscale adult boutique. Much cleaner and nicer than stores in the metro. No comparison!
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